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Toku Unagi and Sushi History
Toku Unagi and Sushi Restaurant

Unagi Toku Japan

Unagi or Japanese freshwater eel, has been consumed in Japan for centuries and the recipe for this ever-popular Japanese traditional food has been around since the Edo period (1603 ~ 1868). Our restaurant was founded in 1909 as an eel market in one of Japan's renown eel locations, Hamamatsu. Our specialty sauce has been carefully passed down from generation to generation and to this day, we continue to proudly offer our original flavor which has kept our customers satisfied for over a century. Every Japanese unagi served at our 11 restaurants are carefully selected by our chefs and prepared using the same traditional method since the very beginning. Each are carefully prepared, steamed to enhance the texture, and char-broiled to perfection to bring out the amazing aroma and flavor of the eel. Please enjoy this amazing traditional Japanese food that has been kept unchanged for over a century.

Toku Unagi and Sushi West Hollywood

Toku Unagi & Sushi

Toku Unagi and Sushi opened its door in the fall of 2019 on La Cienega Blvd in an area renowned as one of the most luxurious dining areas in Southern California. Our specialty, the Unagi (Japanese freshwater eel) are Special Unagi that are directly imported from our main kitchen in Japan every week. Continuing the legacy of the founder, with the same cooking method and the special sauce created over a century ago, you can now experience a truly authentic Japanese Unagi dishes that one could not find here in the states before.