What is Ohitsu

Toku's Special Japanese Unagi

Broiling and seasoning Japanese Unagi

All of our Unagi served at our restaurants are directly imported domestic Unagi from Japan, which are considered superior in flavor, aroma, & texture compared to other eels from around the world. Furthermore, we specially select only the best out of these brilliant Japanese Unagi, to offer the highest of quality and exceptional experience for our customers. Each Unagi are prepared using the same traditional method and special sauce that has been passed down since we first opened our doors in 1909.

What is Ohitsu

Japanese Ohitsu Dinner Set

Ohitsu or Hitsumabushi is a dish where a cooked Unagi is flavored with a soy sauce based sauce and is laid on top of a bed of white rice, along side a special pour over broth. As with our Unajyu, each of our Unagi used for our Ohitsu is carefully selected and prepared for cooking, steamed to enhance the texture for a perfect bite, and broiled to bring out the amazing aroma and flavors of the Unagi, which is seasoned with our traditional Unagi sauce. Where Ohitsu is unique is that there are 3 steps to enjoying the dish. * First, simply enjoy the dish as an Unajyu. * Second, add special condiments to your liking, to experience different flavors of the Unajyu. * Third, scoop some of the Unagi and rice into a chawan (rice bowl) and pour over the broth to enjoy it as a Chazuke (Japanese steeped rice).